For decades, the outdoor advertising industry has captured a portion of the advertising pool. Outdoor advertising revenues have continued to increase at a rate greater than all other forms of media with the exception of the Internet. Within the array of fast growing products, two that stand out as trendsetting are Mobile and Alternative Media.

Capitalizing on the changing high tech video environment and entrepreneurial out-of-home expertise of All Points Media, founder Darrell McSmith and his partners have designed a mobile advertising concept known as "AdVan". These vehicles combine state-of-the art daylight readable video projection technology with high definition sound systems on standard commercial vans. The result is direct delivery of theatre quality messages to consumers.


Learn more: View the AdVan video and see our AdVans in action!

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AdVan Features

AdVan with a full-motion video, stereophonic sound and daylight readable screens, provides a packed sensory experience like you've never seen before! AdVan will give you the proactive exposure that you need where your target demographic will be captivated by this unique state of the art vehicle!

  • Includes a professional driver/marketing representative who can distribute samples, set-up displays, etc.
  • Vehicles can be completely or partially wrapped in vinyl with client's creative.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly rates available.

ad vanad van


Vans Features Include:

Daylight Readable Video Screen:

ad van

  • Driver Side Screen - 12' wide x 5' high
  • Passenger Side Screen - 5' wide x 4' high

Acceptable Video Formats:

  • WI.FI capable
  • DVD - CD
  • MP3 / X-BOX / PS2
  • Satellite/Live Feed Capabilities

High Resolution:

  • 16:9 and 4:3 Ratio

Superior Sound Systems:

  • Six High Quality Speakers
  • Top of the Line Performance Receiver
  • Dolby/Digital Quality

Vehicle can be fully or partially wrapped


Templates for AdVan Graphics:

Download templates for AdVan (trucks 1-5)

Download templates for AdVan (truck 6)

Download templates for AdVan (trucks 7+)

Download templates for AdVan (Logo placement)


If you need a utility to decompress these, we recommend WinRAR.