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This network includes independent, regional and national chain locations across all minor and major markets. Place-based media is one of the most directional and influential media platforms there are. With indoor and outdoor venues, this network offers unique possibilities to target specific niche demographics and offers extended dwell times as people frequent the venue.


  1. Quick Facts

    There are approximately 11.5 million hunters in the United States. 1/3 of the U.S. population engage in hunting, fishing or wildlife activities. Hunting season typically starts in the Fall and continues through the winter. On average, a hunter will hunt 21 days per year. Women are the fastest growing demographic in sport shooting.
  2. # of Locations: 3,100

  3. Demographic Reach

    Primary: 21-55 Secondary: Women
  4. Media Options

    Banner Stands, Posters, Standees, Floor Mats, Window Clings, Brochure Collateral, Logoed Targets, Experiential Events, and Branded Promotional Items
  5. Estimated 4-week Impressions

  6. Season with Largest Traffic

    Fall and Winter
  7. Campaign Options

    Minimum 4-week campaign. Please call rep for additional options.