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This network includes public and semi-private tennis clubs across the US. These venues attract businessmen and -women, a prestige-driven demographic with higher-than average incomes. Display signage can be placed in high-traffic areas such as entrances, lobby areas, and around the tennis courts.


  1. Quick Facts

    Approximately 30 million Americans participate in tennis. Core tennis players play 10+ times per year and fall between the ages of 18–24. Approximately 9.9 million tennis players play 1–3 times a year, 14.8 million play regularly (4–20 times/year), and 5.4 million play frequently (21+ times/year).
  2. # of Locations: 432

  3. Demographic Reach

    Primary: Adults 24–60 Secondary: Youths 6–23
  4. Media Options

    Vinyl Banners (3’H x 5’W), Branded Floor Mats (4’H x 6’W), Dasher Boards, Product & Sample Distribution
  5. Estimated 4-week Impressions

  6. Season with Largest Traffic

    Consistent year-round
  7. Campaign Options

    Minimum 4-week campaign. Please call rep for additional options.