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360 Experience

This unique multifaceted digital network is unlike anything you have seen before. Located on the iconic Atlantic City boardwalk, this network includes 50 OOH digital place-based structures with the opportunity to grow to over 700 structures along the Jersey Shore. With over 130 million visitors across the Jersey Shore line, advertisers can maximize exposure and engage with consumers through multiple messages.

With endless capabilities this network can directly target consumers through mobile ads, connect with consumers on a personal level providing Wi-Fi and targeted messages, provide up-to-date events, live-stream concerts, shows and entertainment, offer charging stations for Millennials, and maximize impressions through extreme exposure. This transformed boardwalk offers ‘Something for Everyone’ visiting Atlantic City and offers unlimited brand exposure targeting slow moving consumers.
These high resolution 9mm digital displays include two opposite facing 100 LED screens, stands 13 feet high with an unobstructed view, offers full motion video and directional audio, security camera features, sponsorship capabilities, and MORE. This ‘Smart Boardwalk’ is the first of its kind.

Atlantic City Digital Network

Digital Network Features:

  1. 50 LED Structures
  2. 100 Faces (North & South)
  3. 5 Zones
  4. Full Motion + Audio + Animation
  5. Light Shows + Boardwalk Dominations
  6. Interactive Charging Stations
  7. Ad Sponsored WiFi

Free WiFi on the Boardwalk and Beach

This network spans over two miles of beach and boardwalk, delivering quality Wi-Fi with several features for users and partners. These digital screens, Wi-Fi deployment, light show additions and security project has created the world’s first ‘Smart Boardwalk.’ With this unique platform, we can actively participate and promote various beach related activities, live-stream events, directly target consumers and provide FREE Wi-Fi to users.
  1. Interactive Charging Stations at Every Unit & AD Supported Free WiFi
  2. Database Marketing
  3. Demographic and Visitor Tracking
  4. High Speed On-Line Gaming
  5. Live Streaming and Timely Updates
  6. Featuring Audio and Video
  7. Real Time Production

Zone Maps