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This network is comprised of diverse groups that allow for specific demographic reach opportunities. These include primary care clinics, family practitioners, walk-in clinics, pediatrics, geriatrics, and other specialty care practitioners.


  1. Quick Facts

    Every year, Americans make 1 billion visits to physician offices. In the past year, 83% of adults have seen a healthcare professional, as have 93% of children. Among adults who have viewed a video display at a doctor’s office or hospital in the past 6 months, 57% were female and 43% were male.

    “Seven out of 10 leave the doctor’s office and go shopping, whether it’s filling a prescription or going to the grocery store. You can see an advertisement for oatmeal while you’re home watching TV, but then after that you’re going to bed. But at the doctor’s, it’s along the path to purchase.” – Kerry Ann Clawson, executive vice president of sales and marketing at AccentHealth

  2. # of Locations: 3,521

  3. Demographic Reach

    Primary: Adults 18-49
    Secondary: Adults 50+, Primary Care Physicians

  4. Media Options

    Banner Stands, Posters, Standees, Floor Mats, Window Clings, Brochure Collateral, & other branded promo items

  5. Estimated 4-week Impressions


  6. Season with Largest Traffic

    Consistent year-round, with November–January is the heaviest flu season

  7. Campaign Options

    Minimum 4-week campaign. Please call rep for additional options.