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Through our expertise in the industry, we have created innovative products widely viewed by experienced media buyers as cutting edge. Our products include a variety of alternative programs and a unique advertising concepts consisting of AdVans. With advertising locations across the country, All Points can successfully manage campaigns of all sizes in every market.


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I just want to thank you, as a director of a child care center, for the wonderful partnership we have with CHOP and our center for the past year. It is such an informative resource for our families.


Daycare Director

CHOP Program

Boy: Mom can I play? Mom: You have this game at home. Boy: Yeah but not on a TV this big!!

Family at the Chevy Stingray AdVan

Everyone loves the AdVan. The Guitar Hero is a great way to attract attention, and then we are able to talk about the products and give away free items. It's a hit!

AdVan Driver, MetroPCS

This sponsorship means more to our community than you would know. Being sponsored has allowed so many kids and families to be part of baseball. Thank you!!


Chicago SUPERVALUE Sponsorship

The best question I've had from anyone is, 'Do you have any samples?'

AdVan Driver

Jim Beam

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.

William Bernbach

Very cool truck and cool game... I've seen some augmented reality stuff before, but this is awesome...

Pedestrian, NYC

Deadliest Catch

The parents at our center all comment on the floor mat, and many of them have told me they know children treated at CHOP. What a great way to reach families!


Kids First (Philadelphia)

This sponsorship means so much to these kids... They love the shirts, the water bottles were a hit, thank you so much!!


YSA Soccer (Billings)

Thanks to you and your staff the X Games AdVan was a tremendous success. The AdVan is the ultimate street marketing machine and we were thrilled to have it as part of our event.

Michelle Merwitzer

ESPN Productions, Inc.

Our continued recommendation to utilize AdVans within our clients' communication mix is a testament to both the media and also All Points Media. Without their continued high level of professionalism and understanding of our clients' needs we would not be successful.

Simon Pugh

-Mindshare -The WOW Factory

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