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This network is comprised of local barbershops and regional chains nationwide, which allows for targeting a specific niche demographic. Displays can be custom designed or used in standard format sizes.


  1. Quick Facts

    Barbershops in the U.S. produce an annual revenue of $831.64 million. Barbershops provide a variety of hair services and also sell associated merchandise. Unlike other OOH environments, barber shop customers are captive in their seats; providing an excellent audience for advertisements.
  2. # of Locations: 5,617

  3. Demographic Reach

    Primary: Men 16+
  4. Media Options

    Banner Stands, Posters, Standees, Mirror Clings, Brochure Collateral, & other branded promo items
  5. Estimated 4-week Impressions

  6. Season with Largest Traffic

    Consistent year-round, with increased (traffic during holidays)
  7. Campaign Options

    Minimum 4-week campaign. Please call rep for additional options.