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With a large network of independent, regional, and national chain locations, campaigns can be custom designed to target a specific demographic and/or geographical area. Displays can be placed in high-traffic areas such as entrances, exits, and exterior/interior windows and walls.


  1. Quick Facts

    Convenient stores (independent grocers) generate 130 billion in sales annually. On average, these venues receive 12,000–15,000 visitors per location per week. 57% of consumers with at least one child under 18 visit convenience stores on a daily basis. Customers who make the most visits to convenience stores are also the most loyal to a particular store, with 70.5% of daily shoppers shopping at the same store each time.

  2. # of Locations: 6,500

  3. Demographic Reach

    Primary: 16 – 24
    Secondary: 25+

  4. Media Options

    Ceiling Posters, Wall Posters, Window Clings, & Floor Graphics

  5. Estimated 4-week Impressions


  6. Season with Largest Traffic

    Consistent year-round

  7. Campaign Options

    Minimum of 4-week campaign. Please call rep for additional options.