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Out of Home Place Based Media Advertising Agency

APM can place a wide variety of media format signage in specified locations for a certain period of time typically targeting your audience that trusts and congregates to that area. Every display is checked a minimum of every two weeks to ensure integrity of the program. At the end of the campaign the agency and their client will receive a professional recap as proof of performance (PoP) of every location. Some of the most common venues include: senior centers, heath centers, daycares, recreational centers, grocery stores and team sponsorships.

We have the capability to call on small, medium, and large campaigns due to our in-house call center. We specialize in consumer connections and create relationships with local businesses during the duration of the campaign. We have over 100k+ leased locations and it only continues to grow daily with the new campaigns we develop.

Campaign Lifecycle

Get your Ads in Front of the Right People, Anytime and Anywhere

Alternative media allows us to reach specific audiences of all ages, ranging from youths to seniors. Our resources enable us to target the age demographic your client seeks to produce the best results for your clients' marketing and advertising strategy.
With the ability to connect to a diverse audience, place-based media allows us to target a specific niche of ethnicity that fits into your clients marketing and advertising strategy.
Your geographic niche can be targeted specifically through zip codes, a regional DMA demographic, county or nationally. Targeted audiences can be selected by age, gender, income and/or education level depending on your clients' advertising strategy.
Due to our extensive database, we are able to focus on your target audience based on income, whether it's low, medium or high. Using place-based media we are can capture a specific niche that your client is interested in targeting.

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