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AdVan Media

Branding & Awareness bullet High Impact bullet Multiple Location Coverage bullet Event Marketing bullet Customer Engagement

Video & Distribution bullet Brand Ambassador Engagement & Sampling bullet Mobile Tours bullet Permitted Events

“How come almost all marketing and brand-building concentrate on two senses when we know appealing to all five is likely to double brand awareness and strengthen the impression a brand leaves on its audience?”

– Mark Lindstrom


Boost your brand engagement and exposure anywhere across the nation.

Daylight readable video. High-definition audio. Striking custom-printed visuals.

AdVans are a uniquely powerful way to raise awareness about your brand or product at any location nationwide. By combining theater-quality messages with enthusiastic brand ambassadors and opportunities for social media interaction, gaming, and even custom-developed content, AdVans can facilitate unparalleled participation and memorable experiences for your key demographics.

AdVans were developed in 2001 by All Points Media founder Darrell McSmith and partners. In just over 15 years, we’ve established ourselves as experts in this innovative media option that manages the planning, production, and logistics for each custom AdVan campaign. Here’s how it works.

AdVan Lifecycle

Daylight Readable
1080p HD Video Screens

Passenger Side Screen: 4′ H x 5′ W (4:3 Ratio)
Driver Side Screen: 6′ H x 12′ W (16:9 Ratio)


Video Formats

Wifi Capable bullet DVD/CD/Bluray bullet MP3 bullet MP4 bullet XBox One bullet PS4 bullet Satellite & Live Feed Capabilities

Superior Sound Systems


Six Premium Speakers
Top of the Line Performance Receiver
Dolby/Digital Quality

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