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Made With Code
Times Square, New York, NY

Case Study

Campaign Objective

To inspire teen girls to see that code can help them pursue their passions, whatever they may be, then hopefully they will begin to contribute their voices to the field of technology for the benefit of us all.

New York, NY
Times Square



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Brand Ambassador Experiences & Consumer Feedback

  • I had an 8 year old who was SO INTUITIVE! Caught on quick and loved it!
  • People want to share on social media so they should do so once they get home!
  • Girls loved the dresses but a lot of the guys who checked it out were interested in the music piece.
  • “Can I buy my dress?” (heard this a lot!)
  • A female scout leader was super excited about setting up a “coding party” for her troop
  • “Technology is a big part of my school work but this makes it fun!”
  • “You guys should join up with the Miss America organization.”
  • We had a full school group from England and they were all entertained for about 45 minutes
  • Adults LOVED the Zac Posen dress
  • Tons of people interested in the outreach programs and community coding events for their neighborhoods, groups,
  • Two ladies stopped by who knew all about the program and one of their daughters was in college for coding
  • A woman stopped by who teaches Google classes and was very excited about implementing made with code into her
  • A father and daughter who designed a dress together couldn’t stop thanking me afterwards
  • “I love that Google is inspiring women to get into coding, this is great!”
  • “I’m in IT myself and have been trying to get my daughter interested so this is fantastic! I cant wait to work with
    her on this at home”
  • “This is so cool! My teacher had us do something similar in class. I’m going to do this with my little sister when I
    get home.”
  • “I am SO going to play with this when I get home!”
  • “This is innovative and free, that works!”
  • “I am a blogger and I will be putting up pictures and following your social feeds.”
  • “I will visit the website to see if I can have my classroom students get involved”