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Metro PCS

Case Study

Campaign Objective

Target and support Metro PCS locations across the LA market, operating on custom routes and schedules. We provided equal coverage to stores over the course of the campaign. Digital content consisted of Metro PCS ad with sound, as well as FIFA 2015 on Xbox 360.

Los Angeles

3 AdVans


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Sample Routing & Schedule


Sample Reporting


Sample GPS Tracking


Top Consumer Comments

• “That’s my carrier, I love them, I got that small tablet one, it’s all I need for everything, love it!”
• “I have Boost and my phone is always having issues, they never seem to be able to help me. I want to switch to Metro.”
• “Go! Metro! I love them man, just updated my plan last week. it was a good deal!”
• “Hey, now that’s a big screen TV. Can you get any of the bowl games on that?”
• “Awe man I thought I was watching the real Laker game when I saw your video on truck!”
• “Any free phones if i win in the game?”
• “I just picked up my new Metro phone yesterday”
• “I was just wondering…when you are you going to bring the truck back!?”
• “Awesome truck! I’m going to go check out this deal now!”
• “The truck is working, we are getting more costumers today!”