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Minnesota Lottery

Case Study

Campaign Objective

The AdVan operated at the Minnesota Vikings training camp in partner with the Minnesota Lottery’s #VikingsShipMe promotion on Twitter. We drove around the targeted areas with the hashtag and promotion playing on six screens encouraging fans to ask the Minnesota Lottery for free merchandise they could bring to them. The AdVan driver paired with the Periscope film team to display pictures of the recipients of the gifts live streamed on the AdVan while we were Mobile Billboarding being continuously updated throughout the day. The uproar from the fans about the promotion was overwhelmingly successful generating hundreds of tweets and interactions with the AdVan and staff.

The Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
Minnesota State University

Monks Avenue
Warren St
Riverfront Drive
Stadium Road

Front Street
Blue Bricks Bar & Grill
Downtown Mankato

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Daily Driver Reporting Sample



Daily GPS Sample



Consumer Comments

“I love the AdVan!” – Brandon Watt Minnesota Vikings Linebacker

“We just tweet and we can get free stuff?”

“What can we win if we tweet at #VikingsShipMe?”

“Go Vikings!”

“I won! This is the best day ever!”

“The Vikings shipped me at speaker to my seat!”

“Will you be back here for any home games this year?”