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Case Study

Campaign Objective

All Points Media and our AdVan Digital Video Truck were utilized as part of WISE’s Wiseupandwin.com integrated digital scratch-off promotion in the NYC metro area. The AdVan was used to engage with Latin populations in target neighborhoods, hand out sample bags of WISE potato chip products, encourage consumers to play the digital scratch-off game and let people play a Wii Home Run Derby game on one of the video screens. This took place while continuously running the WISE promotional messaging on the other AdVan video screens to keep branding and messaging front and center. Our brand ambassador that accompanied the AdVan passed out the samples and showed people the website on their own phones while directing them how to play.

To help guarantee campaign success, All Points Media provided:

  • Hispanic events to target during campaign activation dates
  • Identified target zip codes and neighborhoods to impact based on population demographics
  • Provided all staff hiring, training and management over course of campaign
  • Managed all logistical elements including storage of distribution samples, daily routing and scheduling, daily / weekly / full campaign Proof of Performance
  • Ongoing measurement of campaign success via distribution counts, engagement counts, and audience demographics
  • Customized the AdVan Digital Mobile Billboard to be sure that the combination static and digital messaging were appropriately displayed to maximize effectiveness and delivery of brand messagingOther components that were a part of the media mix included digital creative running on Mets.com and a combination of iHeart Radio station websites. Belly Bands were placed on Wise bags with QR codes to drive to WindUpAndWin.com. As a key component to the media mix – The AdVan helped drive 38,916 contest entries and a total of 16,163 unique players over the 4 week period.

This deck was built to provide an analytical view of the AdVan’s effectiveness at engaging with WISE’s target audience.

4 weeks
1 AdVan
1 Brand Ambassador

New York & Northern NJ
160 Hours of Activation

38,916 Contest Entries
16,163 Unique Players

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Coverage Maps

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Consumer Comments

• BBQ are my favorite Wise Chips
• It is weird that Wise doesn’t have lemon chips
• Mets and chips? Nothing can go wrong
• I have eaten Wise chips since I was a kid; the popcorn is my favorite
• Free chips! Incredible!
• These chips are a classic!
• OMG I love the Mets!
• I’m going to try and play every day!
• I would love to win, my husband is a huge Mets fan!
• I’ve never seen a truck like this sooooo cool! I love Wise and the Mets too!
• OMG free Wise! They are my favorite!
• My father is a huge Mets fan we would love to win
• I am a Yankees but my wife is a Mets fan and she would love to win some tickets, we’re definitely gonna play!
• Wise are my favorite chips since 15 years ago
• Nice promo Wise is doing, thanks for the chips!
• Wow, something given for free for a chance, thanks Wise!
• I am a Mets fan and I am going to play right now
• Wise chips are warriors, not even the rain can stop them!
• Chips and baseball – can never go wrong
• The cheesy chips are my favorite
• Wise chips always have an awesome taste
• I grew up eating Wise chips and I still do today
• Wise are the best chips to give to kids at parties
• Free Wise chips? Is this real?
• Wow, thanks, this is awesome of you guys! I hope I win!
• I am a Mets fan, smart move by Wise!
• Wise has been around forever!
• Free Chips? This is nice, thank you Wise. I will play the game every day.
• Crunchy cheese doodles! Yessss!
• Very good product that Wise has!
• It is nice to know they will bring tis to the Latin community.
• I love Wise chips, they stand out on their own
• BBQ Chips! My favorite! This is awesome, I’m going to play while I eat my chips.
• This is a great idea, I’m playing right now … I better win!